Beware! The Coming Of The Global Brain

Watercolor_1The following is an attempt to summarized some of the key points from an excellent article written by Jeremy Naydler (New View magazine Dec. 2018). Quotations are directly from Jeremy’s article and are for the purposes of research and education.

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a precursor of the Internet of Thinking (IOTK). The 5th generation mobile phone network (5G) provides the massive and unbelievably powerful data transmission system infrastructure needed by the IOT and IOTK and thus the dangerous world of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). Thus, although 5G will provide a supreme step forward for mobile phone users, its primary task is facilitation of the super-technologies mentioned above. All can aptly be described as a massive Global Brain.

From the above we can assume that with 5G we not only have “an improved telecommunication system, but rather a new ‘system of systems’ – the infrastructure of electronic totalitarianism.”

We human beings will increasingly find ourselves living in relationship with a vast and powerful global electronic intelligence – far beyond what we already experience. Even the simplest of daily tasks may well require our interaction with it.

The electromagnetic energies that we have summoned, and which promised to give us new powers, now appear to be overpowering us, carrying us down into an Underworld realm of hellish entertainment and distraction, of illusion and disconnection from the reality that really matters – the reality of nature and the spiritual order that infuses nature, the reality of fellow creatures with whom we share our world, living in soil and sky and walking the Earth beside us.”

We must ask: Does the Earth need an electronic ecosystem? Is it going to benefit in any way from being irradiated with millimeter waves? Is there actually any need at all for 5G? Can we even remotely conceive that 5G is the answer to any of the pressing ecological, social and spiritual problems that face us today? We stand at a dreadful threshold, and yet surrender to despair cannot be the right response. What can we do?”

In a few days I will follow up with some positive suggestions based on Jeremy’s article.

More On Mobile Phone Dangers

child phone1You and I might have already  woken up to the dangerous nature of mobile phones and thus changed our phone use. But thousands still haven’t. The following video is short and concise and authoritative. Please send  the link on to others – young and old – and recommend that they take the time to watch the video and act on it and maybe also send it on to others. We cannot assume that everyone has actually taken in the truth regarding these devices and done something about it. The message just might save suffering and save lives.


Making The Invisible A Little Bit Visible

MeterMost environmental toxins are invisible. You can’t see if there really is fluoride in your drinking water, or isotopes in your fish fillet, asbestos in your baby’s talcum powder, or glyphosate residue in your salad. So you assume the worst and do all you can to mitigate the risk whilst hoping for the best. With the invisible fields connected to appliances, wiring, smart meters, phones, computers, transmission towers, antennas and so on – it is impossible to know for sure what’s going on unless you are hyper-sensitive to such fields – or unless you have a meter that measures such things.

I chose to purchase one that is highly recommended [Link here ]. It’s not too cheap, nor too expensive. It is easy to use. I can now ‘see’ what is going on with a mobile phone, with the neighbor’s wifi, with the various computers that I have, with various appliances. There is a very visible scale that show a green light area for ‘safe’, an amber light area for ‘watch out/take care’, and a red light area for ‘this isn’t at all good/do something!’. There is also a measurement display that shows the amount of radio-frequency (microwave), magnetic field activity, and electric field activity. Each of these three sets of phenomena have their safe, caution, and danger zones – all clearly visible and measured with this meter. So now I can see what is really going on.

At a friend’s home recently I did a quick check and found that, even though the wifi is left on 24/7, the most critically dangerous reading came off his house phone. It is the type that so many have these days – you plug in the electrically powered base station, and the handset is able to be recharged whilst sitting in the base station which itself is plugged into the phone line. The handset can be used anywhere in the house and outside in the yard or the garden of a normal sized home. Most people use these phones for longer calls than their mobile phone because the connection is directly to the landline. Because the amount of radiation isn’t visible, the handset is used up against the head for the duration of the call. Some have a speaker/microphone, so some distance can be obtained away from the antenna – but probably not enough to get out of the ‘red zone’. My impression is that short burst use of a mobile/cell phone fitted with an air-tube earphone/speaker system is a safer alternative than the DECT phone described above. Of course, the corded landline phone is absolutely safe and should be preferred at all times where they are available.

One other thing that surprised me was that the keyboard area on my main-use laptop registered a very high magnetic field. This has been countered with purchase of an old style clunky usb-connected separate keyboard. Not so nice to use – but safer. I also found that one of my older laptops (2012) gave off a very strong electric field. I turned it off immediately! The touch reading lamp by my bed gave off a strong magnetic field. That has now been replaced by a normal on/off switch lamp.

When I next buy a laptop I’ll be taking my meter with me!

Please note: The next blog will be in mid-January (unless something particularly important comes up). Readers in the South please have a great Christmas-Summer break. Those in the North – have a similarly great Christmas and keep nice and warm!