5G – The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall …

5GdominoesPeople are waking up around the world because they are beginning to realize what 5G is really all about. Those who remain asleep to the grave concerns do so because they don’t have the necessary information.

Please spread the word. Knowledge is power.

The following link shows that a momentum has begun. The dominoes are falling. Please read then share widely …


Great news. A Belgian government minister has announced that Brussels is halting its 5G plans due to health effects.

no5GIt’s clear that the widespread opposition to 5G is now having an effect. The tide is beginning to turn. The article (link below) offers a ray of hope, but it also shows that at every level of society, wherever we are, we need to be sharing our concerns and what we know about the serious threat to humanity that this technology poses.

So please, in whatever way you can, share information regarding 5G. Share email links that you come across. Bring the subject up at work, amongst friends, with your political ‘representatives’. There are some good brochures online which you can give out as appropriate. Here is a link to a simple flyer that you can download, print and distribute. Good resources and info is available at 5G.org.nz

Link: Brussels halting 5G plans

The Cornet ED88TPro Electrosmog Meter – A 15 Minute Guide Video

MeterI have one of these meters and recommended it in an earlier post.

Many people, including family, friends and others, prefer to remain oblivious to what phones and WiFi are actually radiating. When they see the red alarm band on the meter light up – and hear the screechy sound -many get the message immediately. We have to see it to believe it!

I know that several readers have purchased the excellent Cornet Meter. You will get more out of the meter from watching this excellent 15 minute guide video from well-known EMF Educator and Researcher Josh del Sol.

If you don’t have a meter then Josh’s video may well convince you …


“… much of mankind continues to walk into a trap, set by itself to imprison itself, while thinking it has found the new freedom.”

5G 2Here is an excellent essay from Julian Rose of Global Research. He says: “Yes, everybody wants to be ‘smart’; after all, smart accessories are fun, fashionable and cool, right? But you must first sacrifice your intelligence in order to have ‘fun’ in this toxic playground. In this world, there’s little doubt that you have to be stupid to be smart.”

Read on …


The Hidden Stealth Dangers of Led Lights – from a world class expert in Photobiology

Here is some excellent information via Pam Vernon’s excellent blog at: envirowatchrangitikei.wordpress.com

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/cur… Natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Alexander Wunsch about the hidden dangers of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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“With 5G, the foundations are laid for the permanent monitoring and control of technical devices—but also of people!—to perfection.”


The title of this blog post is a quote taken from an excellent color brochure published by the World Foundation for Natural Science. The link to the brochure appears below. It is well worth a read. You might also like to print and distribute it – or include a link connecting to it on your blog or web site.

5G Brochure Link


This Could Be Your City: WiFi Densification & 5G Test Runs.


I’m pointing to the following information in the interest of you being aware of the growing ubiquity of the hazard and thus the need for thorough and common-sense protection. Staying away from certain areas is protective. Turning things off is protective. Staying in tip-top health is protective … and there’s much more, as those who have read through all my posts will know.

You see, the telecommunications corporations are simply getting on with mega-increasing the intensity of electro-smog. They are not telling us what they are actually doing. You will see it around you if you look though.

In Australia 5G pilot installations and transmissions have started. Same in the UK & the USA. In New Zealand. as far as I know, a long term evolution (LTE) infrastructure is being put in place in readiness for 5G, and I suspect that some sort of intermediary technology connected to 4G is already implemented to some extent. If you have an electrosmog meter try measuring RF frequency alongside a new LED streetlight – especially the ones with the little nodule on the top. These are certainly in evidence around Auckland.

The NZ 5G bandwidth auctions will be held later this year. The Huawei situation has thankfully held things up a little. The America’s Cup event in Auckland in 2021 is currently heralded as the likely grand unveiling of 5G in New Zealand.

For a taste of what is already happening in some inner city shopping precincts worldwide – have a quick read of the following measurements and observations made in central Glasgow recently. It shows just how awake we need to be:   https://tinyurl.com/y5oh4g96

Protection is essential unless you believe that this stuff is harmless!