The 5G Crisis Summit Is Underway!

5G Summit

The Crisis Summit is very well put together – however, a lot of time is needed – many hours in fact, to listen to the various interviews being broadcast each day. You can, of course, purchase anytime access along with verbatim transcripts.

I have free single day access which allows me to pick one or two of the interview each day. You just need to sign up online if you haven’t already done so at

There will be a 48 hour period at the end of the Summit when there is open access to viewing any of the speaker interviews that you want.

I’m particularly interested in what we can actually do to stop 5G. If you are too then I highly recommend Paul Seils’ (Australia) interview from Day 2. and the Australian lawyer Raymond Broomhall who will be presenting on Days 5 and 7.

Paul’s website is at and Ray’s is … (be sure to check out the documents section of this site.)

If you live in Australia you can go to the rfnsa website to check out your local cell transmission sites

In New Zealand you can go to  but it’s awkward to use and possibly a bit out of date. There is nothing available in NZ that compares with the Australian rfnsa site. Transmission spectrum licensing information is available at the NZ Radio Spectrum Management website but it doesn’t seem to give specific antenna location info.

Vodafone New Zealand Announces 5G Start In Main Centres – But What Is The Reality?

5G ready

Vodafone NZ has just announced they will start 5G transmission at the end of 2019. The initial networks will be set up in parts of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown.


What actually do Vodafone NZ mean by 5G – and what are they actually announcing?

I read the following article and it gives a perspective of what companies are hyping up under the banner of 5G. Worth reading if you are concerned about being clear about what is actually going on:

Please note: As far as I know, the NZ Government department ‘responsible’ for the issue of band spectrum has not yet issued any portions of the millimeter wave part of the spectrum. Currently our phone companies are transmitting in the microwave part of the spectrum. That’s bad enough. As you might have read in a previous post, the millimeter wave band is not straightforward to operate within – and it brings in a whole host of extra health concerns. Clearly the individuals behind this wanton use of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum have no concern about the potential health hazards even though they must surely be aware of them.