5G – The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall …

5GdominoesPeople are waking up around the world because they are beginning to realize what 5G is really all about. Those who remain asleep to the grave concerns do so because they don’t have the necessary information.

Please spread the word. Knowledge is power.

The following link shows that a momentum has begun. The dominoes are falling. Please read then share widely …


Great news. A Belgian government minister has announced that Brussels is halting its 5G plans due to health effects.

no5GIt’s clear that the widespread opposition to 5G is now having an effect. The tide is beginning to turn. The article (link below) offers a ray of hope, but it also shows that at every level of society, wherever we are, we need to be sharing our concerns and what we know about the serious threat to humanity that this technology poses.

So please, in whatever way you can, share information regarding 5G. Share email links that you come across. Bring the subject up at work, amongst friends, with your political ‘representatives’. There are some good brochures online which you can give out as appropriate. Here is a link to a simple flyer that you can download, print and distribute. Good resources and info is available at 5G.org.nz

Link: Brussels halting 5G plans

The Cornet ED88TPro Electrosmog Meter – A 15 Minute Guide Video

MeterI have one of these meters and recommended it in an earlier post.

Many people, including family, friends and others, prefer to remain oblivious to what phones and WiFi are actually radiating. When they see the red alarm band on the meter light up – and hear the screechy sound -many get the message immediately. We have to see it to believe it!

I know that several readers have purchased the excellent Cornet Meter. You will get more out of the meter from watching this excellent 15 minute guide video from well-known EMF Educator and Researcher Josh del Sol.

If you don’t have a meter then Josh’s video may well convince you …