This Could Be Your City: WiFi Densification & 5G Test Runs.


I’m pointing to the following information in the interest of you being aware of the growing ubiquity of the hazard and thus the need for thorough and common-sense protection. Staying away from certain areas is protective. Turning things off is protective. Staying in tip-top health is protective … and there’s much more, as those who have read through all my posts will know.

You see, the telecommunications corporations are simply getting on with mega-increasing the intensity of electro-smog. They are not telling us what they are actually doing. You will see it around you if you look though.

In Australia 5G pilot installations and transmissions have started. Same in the UK & the USA. In New Zealand. as far as I know, a long term evolution (LTE) infrastructure is being put in place in readiness for 5G, and I suspect that some sort of intermediary technology connected to 4G is already implemented to some extent. If you have an electrosmog meter try measuring RF frequency alongside a new LED streetlight – especially the ones with the little nodule on the top. These are certainly in evidence around Auckland.

The NZ 5G bandwidth auctions will be held later this year. The Huawei situation has thankfully held things up a little. The America’s Cup event in Auckland in 2021 is currently heralded as the likely grand unveiling of 5G in New Zealand.

For a taste of what is already happening in some inner city shopping precincts worldwide – have a quick read of the following measurements and observations made in central Glasgow recently. It shows just how awake we need to be:

Protection is essential unless you believe that this stuff is harmless!

3 thoughts on “This Could Be Your City: WiFi Densification & 5G Test Runs.

  1. Interesting comments there about NZ & 5G. Am watching. We have those lamps (they’ve recently changed all the bulbs in them, two cities I know of anyway) & I did note that the ones with knobs on top are on the intersections. Some are left on all day too.

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