Loosening The Digital Vice: What Can We Do?

walkingParaphrasing and quoting from Jeremy Naydler’s article in Issue 90 of New View (the subject of my last post) …

Some of the things we can do:

Protest. There are several avenues open including online petition, write letters, join an action group, support legal actions, and so on. (Readers living in New Zealand please contact me if you are interested in a local action group.)

“ … bring spiritually informed understanding to the deeper significance of the global electronic brain whose emergence 5G will hasten … develop a clear perception of the moral quality of electricity, the better to recognise the kind of spiritual entity or entities that it serves. This will empower us to break the spell that electricity and electronic technologies have cast over us, and it will enable us to form a more appropriate relationship to them. One of Rudolf Steiner’s most helpful insights into electricity was his observation that it is light in a fallen, degraded state – light that has fallen beneath nature into the sub-natural realm – and that is why we must actively guard against an ever increasing dependence on it, for it threatens to drag us down”.

“This points to a third thing we can do, which is really the foundation of everything else. It is to rebuild our relationship to the light, which in its selfless benevolence and purity greets us every morning and which unlike the false and illusory electronic lights that would lead us into the Underworld, beckons us in a quite different direction, towards our essential humanity. Through a deepened meditative relationship to the light, practiced through the hours of the day and the seasons of the year, we can nurture a relationship to the inner light that is the source of all that is creative and good in the world. This inner light the Christian tradition knows as the cosmic Logos. As the curtain of electrosmog is drawn across our world, we are presented with a sacred task that, come what may, we attend to all that the light has to give, for therein lies the divine Saving Power.”

In the spirit of what Jeremy is saying I offer the following (with gratitude to Richard Louv): Most of us are suffering some degree of Nature-Deficit Disorder. We need to cultivate our capacity to be as much ‘nature-smart’ as we are ‘techno-smart’. “The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need.”

Richard Louv is a wonderful advocate of getting ourselves and our children out into nature: What would our lives be like if our days and nights were as immersed in nature as they are in technology? How can each of us help create that life-enhancing world, not only in a hypothetical future, but right now, for our families and for ourselves?

Our devices and their screens have the power to increasingly cut us off from any meaningful interaction with the real world – and especially with the world of people, plants, trees and animals, – with streams and wind, mountains and clouds and stars. With the light of the sun itself. Can we take time off from our phone, our tablet, our laptop, and go outside and look around and look up and really take in what we see? Can we see animal forms in the clouds? Can we hear a bee or a blackbird or the laughter of children? Can we taste the air (if it’s fresh)? If we are cut off from nature then we are cut off from a vital part of our own being.

For those of us who have become overly active with technology, do we have the will to regain our balance with nature – with reality?

More on this to come soon.


Beware! The Coming Of The Global Brain

Watercolor_1The following is an attempt to summarized some of the key points from an excellent article written by Jeremy Naydler (New View magazine Dec. 2018). Quotations are directly from Jeremy’s article and are for the purposes of research and education.

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a precursor of the Internet of Thinking (IOTK). The 5th generation mobile phone network (5G) provides the massive and unbelievably powerful data transmission system infrastructure needed by the IOT and IOTK and thus the dangerous world of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). Thus, although 5G will provide a supreme step forward for mobile phone users, its primary task is facilitation of the super-technologies mentioned above. All can aptly be described as a massive Global Brain.

From the above we can assume that with 5G we not only have “an improved telecommunication system, but rather a new ‘system of systems’ – the infrastructure of electronic totalitarianism.”

We human beings will increasingly find ourselves living in relationship with a vast and powerful global electronic intelligence – far beyond what we already experience. Even the simplest of daily tasks may well require our interaction with it.

The electromagnetic energies that we have summoned, and which promised to give us new powers, now appear to be overpowering us, carrying us down into an Underworld realm of hellish entertainment and distraction, of illusion and disconnection from the reality that really matters – the reality of nature and the spiritual order that infuses nature, the reality of fellow creatures with whom we share our world, living in soil and sky and walking the Earth beside us.”

We must ask: Does the Earth need an electronic ecosystem? Is it going to benefit in any way from being irradiated with millimeter waves? Is there actually any need at all for 5G? Can we even remotely conceive that 5G is the answer to any of the pressing ecological, social and spiritual problems that face us today? We stand at a dreadful threshold, and yet surrender to despair cannot be the right response. What can we do?”

In a few days I will follow up with some positive suggestions based on Jeremy’s article.

More On Mobile Phone Dangers

child phone1You and I might have already  woken up to the dangerous nature of mobile phones and thus changed our phone use. But thousands still haven’t. The following video is short and concise and authoritative. Please send  the link on to others – young and old – and recommend that they take the time to watch the video and act on it and maybe also send it on to others. We cannot assume that everyone has actually taken in the truth regarding these devices and done something about it. The message just might save suffering and save lives.