How Evil Is Met Through Human Beings Developing The Inner Strength ‘Not To Go Under’

PerlasThis post is essentially about Nicanor Perlas’s outstanding new book: “Humanity’s Last Stand”. But first an introduction …

In the blog post of September 8 titled ‘Technology Becomes Sub-Nature’ I quoted from amongst Rudolf Steiner’s final words to the members of the Anthroposophical Society …

183. In the natural scientific age, beginning in the middle of the nineteenth century, the cultural activities of humanity have gradually slipped down not only into the depths of the natural forces but deeper still into a region lying below nature. Technology becomes sub-nature.

184. This makes it necessary for the human being to find a fully experienced spiritual knowledge through which one can raise oneself just as high into the super-natural realms as one is drawn into the sub-natural through technology. One thus creates within oneself the strength needed to not go under.

185. In the past, the conception of nature still bore within it the spirit with which the origins of human evolution are connected. This spirit gradually disappeared from our conception of nature; the purely ahrimanic flowed into it and from there into technological civilisation.

In writing this blog I have wondered, no doubt as readers have, what we can do to respond in a healthy and decisive way to the powerful and accelerating forces contained in and behind the modern electronic technology emanating from the realm of sub-nature. Steiner’s words above point to the balancing gesture that must come from a sufficient number of human beings so that the strength not to go under is realized and developed. But what does this really mean in practical terms and in terms of who we are as individual and unique human beings? I’ll point you in the direction of a comprehensive answer to this question below.

At the end of another post I appealed to readers with the question: “What are you going to do?” (See the final paragraph of “5G – What Are You Going To Do?” for the context.) And then in response to the last post (28 October 2018) a comment arrived from a regular reader in Australia to whom I am very grateful. He pointed me in the direction of the following book – which, because of its extreme importance, I am now pointing all readers towards …

“Humanity’s Last Stand: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence – A Spiritual-Scientific Perspective” by Nicanor Perlas [Temple Lodge 2018]

The perilous icing on the cake of 5G, 6G and the Internet of Things is an explosion of Artificial Intelligence beyond anything we could have imagined. Perlas has been researching and speaking about AI for several years. His background as an activist and educator is extensive. His wikipedia profile is worth a read! This book is clearly the result of a remarkable and inspired individual who has already written on several overwhelmingly important topics affecting all of humanity. His knowledge and application of Anthroposophy is woven into the book in such a way that open-minded individuals with little or no exposure to Rudolf Steiner’s work will find their way through. It is a book of uncompromising truth and hope and application. We are shown many things, including …

  • The mission of evil;
  • How humanity stands closer to the Abyss as each year hurtles by;
  • How we can help to ensure the possibility that Artificial Intelligence remains in the service of humanity; – and, most important …
  • Through all that is and will take place on the Earth, how we can become Truly Human and not go under.

Please let me know your response to this book. It is available on Amazon Kindle which is where my copy comes from. I’ve also ordered a print copy. If there is sufficient interest then maybe we could start an online ideas and action forum in the spirit of “Humanity’s Last Stand”.

One thought on “How Evil Is Met Through Human Beings Developing The Inner Strength ‘Not To Go Under’

  1. Dear Kevin,
    I have read, and still am reading HLS and am really grateful for the insights since I usually turn to Steiner which helps me cope with the threats we are facing today. It seems everybody is concerned with climate change and there are a lot of activities going on in that matter, but very few are acknowledging the dangers of 5G. I really don´t know what to do myself but it´s somehow comforting to read from others that they also take a spiritual approach. Meditate? Change our thoughts?
    Pray? Fight? Prepare to face suffering and keep faith? What do you think? I live in Germany and have 4 Grandchildren.


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