5G: Why Aren’t Those In Government Taking Responsibility For Public Safety?

AntennaSome say that the only answer to the above question is: Because the massive corporate and industrial interests in 5G technology override the authority and responsibility of those elected to look after the best interests of their nation’s citizens. It’s likely this is allowed to happen because the current measure of success is determined by the economic capacity of the nation rather than the health, safety and well-being of its citizens and the environment.

Concerned scientists, doctors and citizens who have looked into the 5G health risks and issues are calling for a substantial slowing down of the 5G roll-out but nobody in central or local government appears to be listening to the facts. Where are the guardians of public safety and the representatives of the people? Where is simple common-sense precaution? The ghosts of thalidomide, tobacco and asbestos are rattling in the background and still most of us squirm a bit then check our phones yet again. The current radiofrequency and microwave smog is thick enough. But we are about to take an almighty leap for the ‘masters’ of mankind. We’ve seen nothing yet!

In Australia, Telstra’s CEO Andy Penn has announced how his company is now fast-tracking 5G with installations already in place in certain areas. If you live in Australia you need to read this if you are interested in knowing what is going on …


Until 5G phones hit the markets, probably next year, the emphasis will be on ramping up industrial and commercial applications of the so-called Internet  of Things (IoL). In New Zealand Spark has recently switched on its second Internet of Things (IoT) network, LTE Cat-M1 (M1), which will run over Spark’s 4G mobile network. On its website (sparknz.co.nz) the company announces that “Spark is the first operator in New Zealand to make its M1 network commercially available in main centres with a progressive nationwide rollout happening in the coming months.” The smart metering company Landis+Gyr has announced that it will be switching to the Spark M1 infrastructure which will be used for further roll-outs of smart meters. IoT applications in various industries, including farming, will be implemented. It appears that all of this is part of the overall infrastructure roll-out and subsequent marketing strategy for 5G. Don’t expect to see headlines about all of this in your local newspaper, radio or TV news! But watch the changing face of related consumer advertising over the coming months. And watch for the blind stampede to the phone shops in the coming year or two as the good people of New Zealand line up so that they can download a movie in two seconds. Wow!


Spark managing director Simon Moutter recently said, “We are undertaking detailed planning to ‘map’ expected 5G cell site densities in New Zealand and, as a result of this planning and the learnings we have taken from our 5G testing, we are forming a good understanding of how many new sites we will need for 5G, and where,” He also said, “We have already begun a build program to increase the number of cell sites in our existing mobile network — which will enable us to meet near-term capacity demand as well as lay the groundwork for network densification required for 5G.”


The sad thing is that the damaging stuff is actually invisible. Out of sight and out of mind. The towers and poles are ugly – but who else actually sees them any more? The slick and colorful stuff bouncing across the slick screens entrances the unwary. Who and where would I be without my phone?!

Time to go outside and smell the roses, listen to the birds, be warmed by the sun.

Rudolf Steiner’s Statements Regarding Electricity …

RS1For readers who are inclined to go deeper into the basis of the serious concerns that find expression in this Spirit Strength blog, the following outstanding compilation from Douglas Gabriel will provide valuable content for contemplation. I hope many readers will find the time to read this …


Wireless Silent Spring

colony collapseWords such as ‘serious’ – ‘catastrophic’ – ‘senseless’ – ‘tragic’ – ‘alarming’ – don’t seem to capture what is now happening to the natural order as a result of WiFi, Cell Towers, and related technology. Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” was a wakeup call two or three generations back. Now we have the Wireless Silent Spring from Dr Cindy Russell …


Did You Realize The Danger To Your Eyes?

Dancing4ArtHere’s how to protect your eyes from artificial blue light from screens (computer, laptop, phone, tablet, iPad, TV etc.) and household lights – and why you need to.

Light forms part of the electromagnetic spectrum along with x-rays, infra-red rays, microwaves and so on. Blue light has a very short wavelength and has been shown to have the capacity to damage eyes. This is especially the case with artificially generated light as from digital screens, TV and all LED screens, fluorescent lights and normal light bulbs – especially as they move away from the traditional incandescent bulbs into energy saving bulbs.

Most of us spend a lot of time in front of screens and under artificial light. Screens are the worst offenders. If you have young eyes you might not notice the effects. The worst component of screen light is artificial blue light which can likely be causing runny eyes, tired eyes, and significantly contributing to degeneration of the eyes. Blue light is also known to interfere with the hormonal activity which governs waking and sleeping. Thus artificial blue light may well be a significant cause of sleep disturbances of all kinds. Blue light has a strong subliminal flicker.

As I type this post I’m wearing my reading glasses and a pair of fit-over blue light blocking glasses. I now wear these for any extensive time by day in front of the computer, and all the time in the evening until lights out time for bed. I don’t wear them in sunlight as we need full spectrum natural light, however I do wear normal sun-glasses when driving in very bright conditions. The fit-overs are quite large in order to fit-over normal spectacles and they are comfortable although I sometimes need to adjust them for comfort. Mine are best if the arms are sitting above rather than on the ears. I’ve had them for only a few days but it’s clear that my sleep problems are now much less and I can also notice a good difference in the quality and mood of my dreams. My eyes no longer ‘run’ as they sometimes did from computer screen viewing.

For readers who watch television: you will find that the screen picture is much warmer and richer. I’ve been re-watching ‘Downton Abbey’ and I have to say that the visual difference is amazing. Blue sky does tend towards green and nature green becomes greener but we don’t get a lot of ‘sky’ on TV so it’s not a big deal. You’ll certainly be struck when you compare the blue light screen with the filtered screen. The impression is cold and washed out versus rich and warm. Try it. Your eyes will only benefit.

This blog does not have any commercial connections. I purchased the Blue Blocker Fit-over glasses from an Australian site here. You will find some good information on the same site here.

5G – What Are You Going To Do?

Watercolor_1Commencing a couple of years back, – maybe a bit longer, yet another cable is being inserted beneath the streets of New Zealand. This time it’s ultra fast broadband internet via fibre-optic technology that, if it hasn’t already reached you, is not too far off. Signs are posted in streets when it is soon to be available. This is the government’s 1.5 billion dollar super fast data highway which we’ve been hearing about for several years. 85% of New Zealand households and businesses will have access by 2025. It’s great! Centers of learning are being linked up, homes can stream movies, it’s all super fast and it’s wired/cabled. Or at least we thought it would be wired (and thus safe). Turns out that it’s wired to your doorstep but then it enters your home via wireless (WiFi) network. If we wanted a definitive description of ‘dumb’ then this would be hard to beat. In fact it has already been beaten … see below.

(Please let me know if you have found or find a New Zealand UFB Fibre supplier that can do a direct wired connection inside the house.)

My household has a perfectly adequate internet connection via a VDSL connection on copper wire. It’s not super fast but everything loads quite quickly and movies stream smoothly except for the occasional few seconds when the data stream might lag a little. Fairly rare. The ultra-fast broadband (UFB) fibre network will reach us end of 2019 or maybe early 2020. I will only sign up if it can enter the house as a wired network. As you may have gathered by now, I consider wireless/WiFi very very bad news. But here’s where we get to beating the definitive description of ‘dumb’. We’ve barely got completion of the NZ Government’s 1.5 billion dollar fibre-optic cable network when suddenly the word is all about the 5G network. And it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’. And the ‘when’ is already being proclaimed as from 2020 onward – and in terms such as – “you’ll not have to wait long for the new world of 5G communication and data. We’re getting it to you just as soon as we can. 5G is the future you have been waiting for … driverless cars, full movie downloads in seconds, check you home or business security while you are away, robots, virtual reality experiences!”

5G is now being installed in some parts of the United States. In some areas there is very concerned opposition from individuals and community groups yet very little, if any, notice is taken of them. The telecommunication corporations continue to install street by street with apparent impunity. As I understand it, the regulatory body in the United States is the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Apparently there is a revolving door type situation regarding some of the FCC members where high-level executive members of the telecommunications industry get to spend time on the FCC. The FCC has decreed that the industry does not have to apply any public health considerations with regard to their operations and installations. (You may have to read and think about that one again.) In spite of receiving hundreds of submissions voicing grave concerns about 5G technology, the FCC have approved the nationwide roll-out.

In the United Kingdom 5G logistical trials were commenced last year. Samsung stated that the purpose of one trial is to demonstrate 5G’s potential to serve as an alternative to fibre deployment for fast broadband services. See the full report here.

5G is now being logistically trialled in some parts of Australia. Local opposition has already shown itself – but is unlikely to have any effect. Small cell milliwave antenna arrays have been sited on some residential streets for the trial, in some cases only meters from children’s bedrooms. Not only have we got EMF spectrum waves much more compressed than microwaves, but they will also be pulsed. These are in the wave spectrum that has been used in some situations by military and police for the purposes of crowd control. Small cell milliwaves have a direct effect on human bodies and on other life forms. Our governments are letting these things enter preparation for installation by the hundreds of thousands throughout residential streets without any rigorous independent health testing of pulsed milliwaves on humans and other life forms. This is not ‘dumb’ or ‘dumber’ this is actually beyond any sort of rational comprehension. Not surprisingly, some countries are holding back on 5G and looking for a safer means of boosting data load networks. Those countries are not the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom.

In 2017, members of the New Zealand public were invited to submit their thoughts on the allocation of radio spectrum bandwidth for the purposes of 5G implementation. The invitation was only there if you knew about it. Several dozen citizens responded, myself among them. Three or four submissions really stood out. One was a submission on health research done regarding cellphone transmission radiation in the microwave range. Even an intelligent skeptic would have to admit some doubt regarding the health risks involved in the face of the information presented. Another submission was from a person who suffers intensely from EHS (Electro-high-sensitivity). She described how even before 5G is unleashed she is unable to function in the current EMF radiation environment. In her submission she included photos of her appearance before the development of EHS and as she now appears. I wrote to the NZ Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media and asked her (then Clare Cullen but now Kris Faafoi) whether she was aware of the serious public health concerns that accompany 5G technology. Clare Cullen forfeited her portfolio before responding. The response from the current minister was very formal and informative but it did not answer my question. Does anyone have a direct line to the Prime Minister?

Indeed, if anyone actually did have the ear of some high government official would it really make a difference? If you do then please try – but it begins to appear that perhaps governments don’t actually govern with the safety of the citizens in mind, and maybe our elected representatives really don’t have the power to effectively represent the best interests of the citizens of their electorate. Yet, it has to be so that we can make a difference. Small but firm steps, linked with others, we can change the ways of the world. Remember that Nelson Mandela became the President of the Republic of South Africa. Remember that the Berlin Wall was torn down and the East German government and the Stasi were sent packing. Each of us has, or can develop, the power to see clearly. To speak up. To wake up. And still to act with love and with forgiveness. In our times I believe that we are face-to-face with the devil. And the devil doesn’t like to be seen and named.

What are you going to do?