Brain On Fire: Living With Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

AntennaReaders who are interested in deepening their understanding of EHS (Electro-hypersensitivity) may find the following long article worth a read. It was published from the Sydney Morning Herald on the New Zealand news site ‘Stuff’ in 2015. I only located the article following writing the previous post – and found that the article really brought the situation home as it described the experiences of real people trying to cope within an increasingly toxic environment. Please read it if you have the time and interest …

For readers who were struck by the autism connection in the last couple of posts – especially the links cited in the comment on the September 10 post here is a link to a pdf slide-show which describes the connection very clearly. The creator of the slide-show is Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry & Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University …

And finally in this ‘catch-up’ post I want to refer back to the post of August 22 where I mentioned the substance known as Shungite. I’ve since learnt that the site that I recommended is not responding so I want to give you two Shungite sites that do work and which are excellent. I have purchased from the following U.S. site and would order from them again  As an alternative, here is a very good Australian site …


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