EMF Radiation & Meditation

cropped-logo3.jpgA friend recently asked me about meditation in relation to EMF radiation (which includes radio-frequency radiation (RF) and radiation from power lines and wiring). I told him that I would respond by way of a blog post as it could well be that there are others interested in this area of enquiry. So here goes, – and please remember that what you read here is an expression of one person’s experience and perspective. The idea is for you to be stimulated, and perhaps inspired by some of what you might read here, and then to look at these things from your own perspective and experience and to move forward from there.

In a previous post I mentioned my impression that meditation in the 21st Century is more difficult to carry out satisfactorily than in the previous century. I would go so far as to assert that, generally speaking, human thinking is becoming increasingly clouded and unsteady, human feeling – also increasingly unsteady, and human will is becoming weaker. I believe that meditation requires strong and steady thinking, feeling and willing. Thus, many of us, before seriously taking up meditation need to find ways to steady and strengthen these three essential soul faculties. A good place to start is with the six soul strengthening exercises that can be found here .

I understand that there are numerous environmental factors that weaken human soul faculties. These include degradation of food and water through poor soil management, additives (including fluoride), genetic modification, chemical spraying, general denaturing and processing of food, many pharmaceutical medicines, – and the one that some researchers are saying is increasingly the most dangerous of all: electrical/magnetic/ microwave radiation. A notable aspect of the latter category is that we have little or no choice with regard to our exposure to it. We can choose to only eat organically produced food. We can choose to obtain and drink fluoride free water, and we can choose to use homeopathic and naturopathic medicines. We CANNOT choose to be free of EMF radiation except in our own home (and then we may have exposure from our neighbor’s home(s). Most commercial and non-commercial spaces are now saturated with Wifi radiation. With 5G there will likely be a direct assault on our homes from small-cell transmission arrays sited on the street outside our home. Where does this leave us in terms of pursuing a path of meditation?

Beyond strengthening our soul faculties as mentioned above, our ability to satisfactorily meditate starts with the wish, intention and practical knowledge to do so. But as you likely know, meditation is a movement in time rather like the progression of the seasons or the movement of the planets. It is not a static thing. It demands devoted and willing rhythmic application that is reasonably devoid of being carried by habit. It needs to be willed freshly on every occasion. It needs to be sustained. But when we are subjected to assaults on our physiologic or psychologic well-being, it becomes very difficult to sustain a freely willed meditative journey. Our vital energy is drawn towards resisting the assault. We may be unaware of what is happening. Yet we know that something isn’t quite right.

Assuming the main assault factor is EMF radiation – and I believe that it is in many situations, then regarding meditation, we need to consider our own inner and outer environment in relation to the actual sources and actions of that radiation. Some individuals are so sensitive to these radiation fields that the effects are painfully obvious. Most of us are fortunately less sensitive but nevertheless we may still be significantly affected – and probably without being aware of it. The problem is that we can’t normally sense EMF radiation. So we can best deal with it by taking a precautionary approach and assume its presence. (Best of all is to have access to a measurement device. I recently purchased this highly recommended meter: http://www.radmeters.com/Cornet-ED88TPlus.html ) Normally, as we implement safeguards then we experience individual changes. Our sleep may improve. Also our energy, skin tone, frequency of headaches or whatever. We may even experience our ability to think strengthening, and we are more likely able to take up a task and maintain it through to completion. What may be happening is that our vital energy is being relieved of the burden of protecting us from the assault and thus it becomes available to serve our good health, inner coherence, meditation and so on.

The actual methods of mitigating exposure to EMF radiation are covered in other posts as well as links within those posts. We can do a lot through being awake and aware in the way that we use phones, computers, wifi, appliances, TV and so on. We can also support our own energetic response through protective technology such as Blushield and Shungite. An essential is to strengthen our connection with living reality i.e. our natural environment and the life within it along with a feeling for the space above us that reaches out to encompass the planets and the stars. Are we aware of the current phase of the moon? Can we begin to find our way into sensing our soul and spiritual environment? What about our own inner system – the beating of our heart and the pulsing of the blood – the rhythm of our breathing – the colour of our mood – the feeling of life flowing through and around us, and so on.

In essence we live with technology by strengthening and standing upon our sense of living reality whilst recognizing the deadening forces which are an essential part of modern technology. Otherwise we are faced with the danger of going under. Meditation, prayer, contemplation and other spiritually oriented deeds provide the balance, not only for our own inner coherence, but as a contribution to the situation within which we find ourselves at this very interesting and challenging time of human and earthly evolution.

That’s as far as I seem to be able to go with this subject at the moment. Here is an excellent article by Dr. Markus Osterrieder for readers who would like to go a little further with the topic … 


5G – A Chance To Do Something

toweremission1I’ve just  received a response to an enquiry to New Zealand’s Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media – formerly Clare Cullan and now Hon Kris Faafoi. I wanted to know what level of awareness there was regarding the very serious risks to the health of New Zealand citizens of implementing a 5G network in New Zealand. The response was comprehensive and well expressed and showed that the current government (and the former National Party government) can only rely on the advisory bodies that they are duty bound to adhere to.

Their principal reference is the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), an independent advisory board that works in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO). It seems that all advice goes back to the ICNIRP and WHO. Scientific, health and medical commentators have repeatedly pointed out that the guidelines set by these bodies are hopelessly underestimated to the detriment of all life forms. The Precautionary Principle is apparently unknown to those who set the current guidelines. The criticism of the guidelines is based on thousands of peer-reviewed studies.

We all need to have a good grasp of 5G – what it is, where it is heading, and what the likely impact will be. Only when we know about it can we do something about it. I have found no better source of information than the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space. This is essential reading. Please also consider sending the link on to others: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal/

Brain On Fire: Living With Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

AntennaReaders who are interested in deepening their understanding of EHS (Electro-hypersensitivity) may find the following long article worth a read. It was published from the Sydney Morning Herald on the New Zealand news site ‘Stuff’ in 2015. I only located the article following writing the previous post – and found that the article really brought the situation home as it described the experiences of real people trying to cope within an increasingly toxic environment. Please read it if you have the time and interest …  https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/well-good/teach-me/71753199/brain-on-fire-living-with-electromagnetic-hypersensitivity

For readers who were struck by the autism connection in the last couple of posts – especially the links cited in the comment on the September 10 post here is a link to a pdf slide-show which describes the connection very clearly. The creator of the slide-show is Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry & Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University …  http://www.autismone.com/sites/default/files/2017%20-Pall%20Martin%20slides%20general%20conference%20lecture.pdf

And finally in this ‘catch-up’ post I want to refer back to the post of August 22 where I mentioned the substance known as Shungite. I’ve since learnt that the site that I recommended is not responding so I want to give you two Shungite sites that do work and which are excellent. I have purchased from the following U.S. site and would order from them again https://www.cosmicreality.net  As an alternative, here is a very good Australian site …  https://www.theshungiteexperience.com.au


How Can We Know If Electromagnetic Fields Are Compromising Our Health?

Spectrum Diagram

The very short answer to the title of this post is that it’s hard to know for sure – but not impossible to find out. But first we need to know what some of the symptoms and conditions are. If we have any of these symptoms or conditions then we can have a look at our specific EMF environment (and within EMF I’m including the RF and MW bandwidths) and wonder about causality.

Here are some of the symptoms and conditions that are often mentioned in research literature:

Insomnia and other sleep problems – Skin rashes and itching and/or burning sensations – Tinnitus – Difficulty concentrating/Brain fog – Heart palpitations – Muscle and joint pain – Headache – Fatigue – Strange nerve sensations – Memory loss and so on. And then some of the more serious and long term … Lymphoma – Leukemia – Brain tumour – Breast cancer – Melanoma – Autism (see the comment on the last post) – Asthma – Alzheimer’s disease – Autoimmune conditions – Birth defects – and so on.

Obviously the cause of any of the above may be from other sources, however all of the above and more have been found, in a significant number of cases, to correlate to varied exposures to radiation from single or multiple EMF bandwidths.

Do you experience one or more of the above symptoms/conditions from time-to-time or chronically? If yes, then you may wish to investigate the possible cause in your EMF environment. The method may be inconvenient and, within a family environment, unpopular, but you need to find a way of isolating yourself from each EMF source that you identify. There may be several so you would need to prioritize each one and work down the list. If you know that a smart meter is in close proximity to where you sleep, then sleep somewhere else and notice any changes. If you have wifi turned on continuously then start switching it off when it’s not in use – or better still, only use an ethernet corded online connection. Notice any changes. If you use a mobile or smart phone, then severely restrict your use and favor text messaging along with ‘airplane’ rather than ‘live’ mode. If you use, as most do, a cordless house phone (DECT) then I suggest you find an alternative such as one of the old corded phones and use that instead. Is there a change? Also very important is to know where the nearest phone transmission tower is, and also any electricity pylons, sub-stations and street transformers. Those of us who are to any degree sensitive have the option of locating the culprit(s) and then taking reasonable steps to deal with it. For those who are electro-hypersensitive then radical steps may be necessary. However, before getting rid of computers, TV, phones or whatever has been identified as causing the condition it is worth combining a strategy of hygienic use of technology as outlined in this blog and many other online resources, along with specific protection such as the Blushield protective devices already mentioned in a previous post.

The people who can be considered electro-hypersensitive (EHS) are said to comprise around 5% of the population and rising. Some of those who suffer to the point of debilitation know that EHS is the problem and challenge, however many suffer severely but have no idea why. This is partly to do with the fact that the medical profession doesn’t know about it or doesn’t want to know about it. Mainstream and complimentary medical people would be well served by a close study of the document EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses

In fact those suffering from EHS are carrying an extremely serious warning. Like the canaries who would warn miners of lethal but odorless mine gas, EHS is a warning to us all. The estimated 5% proportion of the population is growing. Some public health commentators, including a sizable and expanding number of medical and academic scientists are warning that the industry trumpeted 5G transmission technology that is nearing almost unopposed and untested ‘roll-out’ will be the proverbial back-breaking straw. In other words, there is a mounting risk of a health catastrophe that will out-do tobacco, asbestos, DDT and the rest of them combined. We were ignorant, for the most part, of the former health catastrophes at their onset. This can no longer be said. It’s time for a rapid and radical move to development and implementation of healthy technology whilst invoking a World-wide moratorium on all further untested and unproven technologies that utilize EMF bandwidth in order to function. That would really be ‘smart’! But how? Any suggestions? Any comments?

Some Surprises Regarding Children And Technology!

child phoneMany readers of this blog will likely find the following piece from The Australian Business Insider very interesting. The headline is: “This Silicon Valley school shuns technology — yet most of the students are children of tech execs.” Most of the information is in the very short video which I urge you to watch.

Then there is this piece about the children of Bill and Melinda Gates and also Mark Zuckerberg’s children. The headline is: “Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg ban technology for their children but want rest of the world addicted to it.” See the article here.

Some countries are bringing in regulations that limit childrens’ exposure to technology. Most notable is France where recent regulations are now in force to prevent students up to the age of 15 from accessing their phones while at school except in an emergency. Here is the link to the UK Independent news item. (I wish I could use the photo!)

In light of the above I know of one professed Waldorf/Steiner school here in New Zealand that uses a Wifi network rather than a wired network to provide students with internet connectivity whilst at school. Please check such things before you enroll your children at any school. Internet connectivity for older students is fairly necessary these days – but Wifi EMR fields day in and day out for the students, the teachers, and maybe the kindergartners as well (surely not the little children as well!!) is quite difficult for some of us to understand.

Technology Becomes Sub-Nature

RS1A friend recently drew my attention to a section of Christoph Lindenberg’s 1997 biography of Rudolf Steiner. On page 758 of the 2017 English edition we find words written by Rudolf Steiner at the very end of his life on the 28th March 1925. Words overwhelmingly pertinent for our times. In fact, these were likely the last words that he wrote before finally leaving his physical body on the 30th March.

In the course of his 64 years, Rudolf Steiner produced 36 published written works, 9 collections of essays, and gave around 4,000 lectures. The span of his life’s work encompassed many spheres of human life and culture – applications of his spiritual, scientific, philosophical and practical indications have entered as renewal and inspiration into endeavors such as medicine, architecture, agriculture, art and design, artistic performance, gymnastics, education, theology, care for those handicapped, social reform and renewal, bee-keeping, ethical banking, and many other specialist areas. I mention all of this because given the scope of his life’s work, his final words become especially significant. These final words are published as what are known as “The Leading Thoughts”. The numbering pertains to the format of that publication.

183. In the natural scientific age, beginning in the middle of the nineteenth century, the cultural activities of humanity have gradually slipped down not only into the depths of the natural forces but deeper still into a region lying below nature. Technology becomes sub-nature.

184. This makes it necessary for the human being to find a fully experienced spiritual knowledge through which one can raise oneself just as high into the super-natural realms as one is drawn into the sub-natural through technology. One thus creates within oneself the strength needed to not go under.

185. In the past, the conception of nature still bore within it the spirit with which the origins of human evolution are connected. This spirit gradually disappeared from our conception of nature; the purely ahrimanic flowed into it and from there into technological civilisation.

Just over a day after writing these words Rudolf Steiner left his body for good. Page 759 of Lindenberg’s book poignantly describes Steiner’s passing.

It is clear that in traversing our current civilization, we are in a way, walking through the valley of the shadow of death as described by David, the ancient writer and singer of psalms. We are challenged to see what we are walking through for what it is, and thus to engage our humanity in rising to a new level rather than becoming part of a sunken and tragic generation whose very humanity is whittled away.

These writings will continue to offer a view of technology as it really appears to be from the writer’s perspective. For it is in the nature of the beast that we need to keep an understanding and knowledgeable eye on it. Increasingly I will also attempt to offer insight into how we can gain or further develop that “fully experienced spiritual knowledge through which one can raise oneself just as high into the super-natural realms as one is drawn into the sub-natural through technology.” For only thus will that spirit strength arise which is crucial to our times and the times still to come. We are all to a lesser or greater extent drawn into the sub-natural through technology. Through our own freely applied self-determination  we must find the possibility of impelling ourselves up those inner steps that lead us to the  ever-present realm of the forces of life rather than those of death, – the realm of truth and authenticity rather than lies and illusion.


Divine Transmission!?

Aerial CrossTransmission antennae are everywhere. When they are set up on commercial or public buildings or land it’s likely that a lease or rent amount is being paid to the owners by the telecommunication company. I spied a particularly graceless example right next to a six-lane motorway. I wanted to photograph it but had no camera or phone. I often take my Samsung tablet with me and it has a very modest camera. I had it with me. I parked off the motorway and looked for a clear view of the structure. The image on the left is the result.

Thankfully, antennae on churches and other religious buildings are not common in New Zealand, but in North America and the United Kingdom a significant number of church bodies see the practice as a way to boost parish funds. There has been debate regarding safety but clearly installation has found a way of prevailing in many cases. In New Zealand, perhaps the publicity  around siting cell towers and masts next to schools and kindergartens has helped hold back the antenna tide on public buildings – at least to some extent.

But be alert. The next generation of mobile phone towers and the accompanying transmission technology is not too far away. It’s called the 5th Generation (5G) and I will be writing about the extreme environmental concern now being voiced world-wide regarding this step from microwave to milliwave transmission and radiation. The telecommunication industry is trumpeting how this milliwave technology is necessary in order to facilitate the new and revolutionary internet of things (IOT). 5G transmitters will need to eventually be placed every 2-300 meters along residential streets everywhere so that the heavily compressed data waves are able to penetrate into homes and buildings. Some commentators report that this millimeter technology has been born within the United States defense establishment. Future posts will try and keep up with what could eventually become a world-wide health catastrophe.