The ‘Smart’ meter Assault

Smart MeterOver the last few years so-called Smart Meters have been installed on houses, apartments, businesses – and every other structure that receives metered electric power – throughout the developed world. In 2018 in both Australia and New Zealand the installation is moving towards completion. The same applies to the U.K. and North America. Do you know if you have a smart meter? Do you know what a smart meter is doing and how it does it? Are you aware of the many critical questions and doubts associated with these devices? If it’s a ‘no’ to any of these – please read on.

Can serious dangers to human health realistically be associated with smart meters? The answer or opinion depends on where you are getting your information from. There is authoritative information that indicates ‘yes’ and authoritative information that indicates ‘no’. Clearly, the power retailers and associated bodies put out authoritative sounding info that says ‘no’. This is their business. Millions upon millions of dollars are concerned. Public Relations consultants have churned out brochures and bulletins and strategies. Here is one such example of an authoritative ‘no’ said to have been written by academics:  Notice how you feel about concerns regarding the safety of smart meters after you have read what these gentlemen have to say. Maybe you feel reassured. But experience the other side of the story: Here is an example of one of many ‘yes’ sites attempting to alert people to the health dangers of smart meters and other devices: If you have time, check out some of the links on this New Zealand site. Again – how do you relate to the issue after reading some of this? Well if you need convincing one way or the other – have a look at this summary, compiled by a team of scientists, of the findings from a large cross section of published research data over several years: Please note that the massive amount of work done by the Biointiative team has nevertheless been criticized by the ‘no’ bloc which says that the research data is flawed because it is selective and thus biased. Finally, have a read through the following … 

If you have a smart meter and want to have it replaced with a safe analogue meter (which needs to be read by a human being), then please refer to the information on this page:  Find out if there is an electricity retailer who would provide you with an analogue meter and arrange for the smart meter to be taken away. If you aren’t able to locate such a retailer then write to your current electricity retailer and tell them that, because of health concerns, you need to have your meter replaced by an analogue meter as soon as possible. You may need to write more than one letter and add a few phone calls as well. Be determined.

If you are still stuck with the smart meter then you also have the option of commencing a legal process utilising a ‘Notice of Liability’. At present the free online templates needed for this process are only available for North America, however a Notice of Liability was recently drafted and completed for New Zealand and should be available for download alongside the North American templates very soon. I understand that templates for the U.K. and Australia may also be completed or in process. The templates are appearing along with all necessary information and associated documents on the website:           There is a lot of great info on this site – especially regarding the Notice of Liability process as well as excellent videos that highlight the many issues associated with the Smart Meters. We are hoping that the New Zealand template will appear sometime in September (but it may be later – so keep checking). I will also put a notice on this site as soon as templates beyond the North American ones appear for download.

Finally – if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where smart meters have yet to be installed then make sure that: your meter box is padlocked, a polite letter to the installers is placed inside making it very clear that they are not to install any form of meter that can be referred to as a ‘smart’ meter and that any attempt to do so will become a matter of law. Normally your electricity retailer will, in any case, advise you in writing that you will be soon having your wonderful new meter installed. It is best to immediately respond to the letter declining their offer. Of course, take the two steps above as well. In my own case, I received a response from the electricity retailer by phone. We were direct but polite with each other. The caller wasn’t able to insist that the meter be installed because there is no legal requirement for such a meter in New Zealand. I’ve heard no more regarding the matter and remain with a trusty analogue meter. Unfortunately all my surrounding neighbors have gone ‘smart’. I can only assume that radio frequency microwave activity in the area is higher as a result but somewhat less in the immediate environs of my home. Let’s do what we can!



How Does EMF Protection Work?

transmitSo you’ve invested in some means of EMF protection – but how do you know it works? Is it really protecting you?

If you are aware of existing symptom responses to electromagnetic fields then these should lessen and eventually subside following use of effective EMF protection. If you are electro-hypersensitive (EHS) then you may need to employ various protection means at once. Symptoms should ease to some extent, however many who suffer from EHS may also need to relocate to obtain sufficient symptom relief.

Products in categories 2 and 3 below may need to be kept away from where you sleep as they can be quite energizing. I can wear a shungite pendant at night but not the pendant from Life Energy Solutions (which is great during the day).

You will know that your protection and safety measures are working because you should begin to sleep more easily, have more energy by day, be more relaxed, and you should notice that any symptoms attributed to EMF sensitivity lessen. Keep a journal. Record what is happening. Practice hygienic use of phones, computers and other devices as described in an earlier post.

There are three principal ways in which the various protective methods work …

  1. Direct prevention of the electromagnetic field reaching you;
  2. Neutralization of the electromagnetic field;
  3. Strengthening of the organism so that it is relatively unaffected by the electromagnetic field.

Examples of 1. are the various forms of Faraday Cages which can be as large as a calibrated wire mesh, earthed and built around a room or house or bed, and as small as a mobile phone case. A conductive metal is required.

Rudolf Steiner is said to have described a way that a fabric can be made of peat fibre which will assist direct protection against radiation and other similar hazards. Here is an extensive description:  and here is peat fabric in use:  So clothing and bed covering made from peat fabric is likely to be very useful (but not so good in hot climates!). If you are interested in purchasing some fabric please email Jonatha Hasse

Products based on orgonite and shungite , tend to have a neutralizing effect (2. above). I use both of these substances in various forms and have made my own orgonite in the past but found it very difficult to work with the polyester resin which is necessary for making good orgonite. Shungite is heralded as being sufficiently effective to meet the intensification of EMF radiation as smart-meter and millimeter wave 5G networks are put in place. More about these in future posts. The two links above in this paragraph have excellent products for sale at reasonable prices. The ‘orgonite’ link is at the website of Life Energy Solutions in Auckland, N.Z. They make the P.e.Bal and Pyramid etc. already mentioned in a previous post.

You will find a reasonable description of how orgonite works here. With shungite it’s not so clear how it works – but it does work! Some say that shungite reverses the anti-clockwise direction of toxic fields. This explanation assumes that fields have either an anti- or clockwise spin and that clockwise is compatible with living organisms whereas anti-clockwise fields are not. What I do know is that something is happening around shungite and it is a healthy ‘something’.

Other protection methods (3) strengthen the organism in such a way that the organism responds to the coherent frequencies emitted by the protective device rather than responding to the chaotic frequencies emanating from phones and phone towers, wifi, smart-meters, and electrical wiring (to mention some of the worst). These products tend to be more expensive than those in other categories. There are several types of products available. Blushield, Memon and Symbioceuticals are worth looking at closely. I use Blushield for personal and home protection. I do not have a smart-meter installed and there is no phone tower nearby – however, my neighbors tend to have their wifi switched on day and night.

There is an excellent description of what the Blushield technology is doing to protect the user against electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) here. (If you live in Australia this might be a good website for purchasing a Blushield product.)

For an explanation of how Memon products work there is a good description here. The Symbioceutical products appear to be similar to the Memon products and may be less expensive. There is an excellent description of how the technology works here.

A cost free addition to EMF/EMR protection practices is Earthing. When possible bring your bare feet into contact with real earth. Sit in the sun with your bare feet on the grass. Stay there for at least 15 minutes. Ideally do this a couple of times a day – but only when there is no danger of becoming cold. If you want to really take up earthing then get an earthing mat which can be used inside.

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Minimize Mobile Phone Dangers

imagesHere is a list of steps you can take to ensure safer mobile phone use …

  1. Instead of talking send a text: Text transmission is quick – normally only seconds. A talking call can go for minutes and thus radiation exposure is for as long as the call takes. You are exposed, the other party to the call is exposed, and to a lesser extent, anyone in your vicinity;
  2. Choose to use a landline: If a landline is available use that instead – but remember that the phone used needs to be the old-type corded phone. The newer cordless house phones are as unhealthy as mobile phones;
  3. If you have to have a mobile phone conversation choose to use the phone’s speaker mode: Hold the phone as far away from your head as possible (or, better, put the phone on a desk or table). You will need to check that the other person can hear you;
  4. Except in an emergency, avoid using your phone when the signal strength is low: The phone has to work harder to connect with the signal and thus increases the emissions that damage health and energy. The same applies when using the phone in a car, train or plane. The device has to work harder and thus sends out a stronger signal. That signal has to be dealt with by your biosystem (which may have quite enough to do already);
  5. Turn your phone off or put it in flight mode unless you are actually using it. Then schedule regular checks to see if a text or voice message has been received. Some check hourly, others less often. Use your phone wisely. Turn it off at night and keep it away from your bed;
  6. Thoroughly research the safety of ear pieces and microphones: Bluetooth is toxic but less so. The air tube headsets are by far the safest. I recommend those available through the New Zealand company Blushield  For their list of overseas distributors please check here and please note that I have no commercial connection with products recommended but I do use several of them.

The products that I currently use and recommend for general use are from the Auckland N.Z. company, Life Energy Designs. They are: the Nu-Me Pendant and the Pyramid Energy Balancer (PeBal)  You can purchase these and other products, including the air tube headsets, directly online wherever you are in the world or from the retailers listed in the directory at  I also use two products from another New Zealand company that’s based in Tauranga. Have a look at their ‘Plug In’ and ‘Portable’ combo deal here:  Their distributor directory is here:  

Here is an excellent infographic related to this post:

In the next post I’ll look at Shungite, Organite and other means of protection including a suggestion from Rudolf Steiner. I will also look at the question: ‘How does EMF protection work – and how can we know if it working for us?’  In the post following the next one – or maybe the one after – it will be time to look at some of the evidence that tells us that there can be no doubt that electromagnetic and microwave emissions from all manner of devices, circuits and transmitters seriously effect biosystems – i.e. the life systems of humans, animals, insects and plants. In some cases this triggers a gradual process of degeneration and in other cases noticeable effects can occur quite rapidly.

Protect Yourself!

phone1Many of us find it very difficult to be without the use of our phones, laptops and other devices. At the same time many of us are becoming very aware of the probable dangers and thus want to protect ourselves. So a tension develops between the deep and wise part of ourselves where care and commonsense wish to prevail, and that other powerful part of us where habit and superficial needs prevail.

The way forward is certainly not to ditch our devices – but commonsense and care can (and must) prevail so that we defuse the tension by increasing our ability to go gently, prudently and consciously with technology. Let’s look at some of the general and practical ways whereby we can minimize dangers whilst still making use of our device(s).

Here are some general tips …

  • If you aren’t using it – TURN IT OFF! (or at the very least switch to ‘airplane mode’);
  • If it is possible to connect your device to the internet via a cable/cord/wire rather than use no visible connection i.e. wireless, then do so. Laptops should be connected to your modem via an ethernet cable (at least type Cat 6a SSTP) which clips into the ethernet port. It is also possible, with the right adapter fittings to use an ethernet cable for connecting your phone or tablet to the internet. In New Zealand and Australia go to Jaycar Electronics and tell them what you want to do. They have all kinds of adapters and cords;
  • Always switch wifi (WLAN) off in your home when it isn’t being used – especially at night. If your modem doesn’t have an on/off switch for wifi (WLAN) then consider buying a modem that does – otherwise switch the power off to the modem at night;
  • Do not buy, or if you already have, stop using: wireless printers, a wireless mouse, wireless headphones, wireless baby monitors, anything bluetooth, portable household (DECT) phones, etc. The latter can be considered even worse than mobile phones. Make sure connections between devices are corded rather than cordless i.e. wireless.

In all dealings with such things as electricity, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and microwave emissions, please bear in mind the precautionary principle where we assume the worst about something that is suspect until there is sufficient evidence to assume otherwise.

The next post will go into more detail. I will also look at some of the protective tools such as EMR protection pendants, pyramids, orgonite, shungite, along with ‘healthy frequency’ devices.

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How we can protect ourselves against the potentially damaging effects of invisible and ubiquitous electromagnetic and microwave radiation …

Dempster_3 (1) (Large)

This site offers readers insights and practical recommendations in the face of the intensifying and invisible effects of digital microwave technology – particularly the various effects of wifi, smart-phones, smart-meters, telecommunication transmitters and much else. We will examine the physical and psychological effects as well as offer a little bit of a look at the spiritual background of our technological culture. The governing question throughout this site is “What can we do?” Various means of protection are described.

Quoting from a lecture “The Nature Of Technology” given by *Rudolf Steiner in 1914 …

“It would be the worst possible mistake to say that we should resist what technology has brought into modern life, – that we should protect ourselves from Ahriman (The dark power that is opposed to life – Ed.) – that we even cut ourselves off from modern life. In a certain sense this would be spiritual cowardice. The real remedy is to make the forces of the soul strong so that they can stand up to modern life.”


*Please Note: In order to bring a meaningful edge and level of insight to postings on this site the body of spiritually valid knowledge given through the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner is sometimes referred to. Rudolf Steiner’s work is presented in the world through what is known as Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science . An unprejudiced reader is unlikely to have difficulty with referrals to Steiner’s rich legacy – however nothing ought to be accepted on the authority of another and in fact all content on this website should be subject to the reader’s own careful thinking and commonsense.