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This blog was born out of an understanding of the counter-forces working against life in our times. Not only against human life but against all that lives here on Earth in the four manifest kingdoms of nature. All four kingdoms are in big trouble. I could have chosen to focus on any one of several specific means by which the assault on life is manifesting, but the area which called to me for special focus has been and still is, the effects of radio frequencies, magnetic fields and electrical fields within the electromagnetic spectrum, on the continued viability of all life forms.

Specifically, this blog endeavors to

  • Bring more of an emphasis on the positive ways and means by which we can mitigate any ill effects of our exposure to electronic digital technology;
  • Continue to highlight developments which underline the growing world-wide general health concerns – especially of 5G;
  • Expose the various reported incidents of damage to human health and that of other life forms which can be likely linked to 5G and other mobile data networks;
  • Draw attention to any viable social action that you could be part of that might positively change any potentially dangerous use of digital technology such as 5G;
  • Give useful information regarding maintaining soul-spiritual health in a technological culture … etc.

Where possible and appropriate, inspiration and knowledge, as in the past, will be to some extent drawn from Dr Rudolf Steiner’s lectures and writings. If you have a comment or question please contact me by email or by the comment facility on this site.

Blog posts appear below. The latest appears first.

Vodafone New Zealand Announces 5G Start In Main Centres – But What Is The Reality?

5G ready

Vodafone NZ has just announced they will start 5G transmission at the end of 2019. The initial networks will be set up in parts of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown.


What actually do Vodafone NZ mean by 5G – and what are they actually announcing?

I read the following article and it gives a perspective of what companies are hyping up under the banner of 5G. Worth reading if you are concerned about being clear about what is actually going on:

Please note: As far as I know, the NZ Government department ‘responsible’ for the issue of band spectrum has not yet issued any portions of the millimeter wave part of the spectrum. Currently our phone companies are transmitting in the microwave part of the spectrum. That’s bad enough. As you might have read in a previous post, the millimeter wave band is not straightforward to operate within – and it brings in a whole host of extra health concerns. Clearly the individuals behind this wanton use of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum have no concern about the potential health hazards even though they must surely be aware of them.

The Current Reality Of 5G Phones & Reception In The U.S.


A recent industry paper in the United States gives a very clear picture of what 5G actually looks like in the several cities where major providers have commenced services. The main problem is actually using the services. $2,000 for the phone and then you have to go outside to get reception. Maybe it won’t even work then, so you have to find a line-of-sight to the transmitter base. Huge problems!

It could be that service providers are as technically incompetent as they are socially irresponsible??!! What do you think?

The 5G Online Summit: August 26 – September 1, 2019

5G Summit

This is a tremendous opportunity to receive free resources and experience a range of international 5G safety experts FREE for just 5 days. If you wish you can pay for access to all resources – the full event –  and thus have full-time access to everything rather than just for the 5 days.

Sign up for free access here:

The Summit has been put together by the well-known smart-meter and 5G activist Josh del Sol.

5G Action In West Auckland – New Zealand


no5gnzHere is an excellent example of the sort of grass-roots action taking place in many parts of the world.

The following is a notice sent out to interested people in West Auckland. If you didn’t receive a copy – and live in or near West Auckland, please consider attending. You can sign up to receive notices by going to the web site shown at the bottom of the notice …

This is an update from Concerned Citizens on Dangers of 5G Electromagnetic Radiation Wireless Technology

PLEASE attend our Waitakere Ranges Local Board Deputation at 39 Glen Mall Place, Glen Eden on Thursday 6:00 PM* on June 27, 2019.

The presenters (Lisa Er, Laurie Ross and Katherine Smith) will be recommending that the Local Board invoke the Precautionary Principle for a Moratorium on 5G EMF wireless radiation in West Auckland on the grounds that it poses an unacceptable threat to the Environment and to Health and Safety in the community.

*If you can, please arrive at 5:45pm with small placards ‘5G FREE West Auckland’ for a group photo outside the Waitakere LB office sign.

 Many thanks again for your support.

Kind regards,

Laurie Ross, Lisa Er and Katherine Smith

Concerned Citizens – 5G FREE West Auckland for New Zealand/Aotearoa.

Phone 09 818 0696

For more information please see and

Excellent Report On The Current State Of 5G Worldwide …


The following 25minute video is very well-done (by the Corbett Report) and worth a look if you have the time …


However, if you prefer a direct read of the information then please go to the Corbett Report web site here …

If you read right through, the comments section also has some excellent information.

When you have finished with this post, please ask yourself what you are or will be doing to stop the installation of 5G in your neighborhood, town or city – and/or how you can mitigate its effects if it is installed. How about some comments to this post regarding what you are doing, how you will or are mitigating against 5G?